la plum au vent

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  • Did you know that you could soon have a 200 meter tall wind turbine just 500 meters from your home?
  • Did you know that the minimum distance recommended in other European countries is 1.5km ?
  • Did you know the constant low frequency noise generated by wind turbines can be heard for miles around ?
  • Did you know there are already inhabitants of Plumieux and La Ferrière suffering from health side effects caused by the existing wind turbines ?
  • Did you know that your homes will loose value and become unsaleable as a result of these machines ?
  • Did you know that nothing obliges industrialists to rehabilitate the degraded lands when the wind turbine is removed, and that thousands of cubic meters of concrete and metal will remain in the soil ?
  • Did you know that our villages may have to pay to clear up the turbines ?
  • Did you know that manufacturers have no interest in planting their machines where there is wind ?
  • Did you know that we pay for wind turbines, even when they don't turn, through the CSPE tax on your electric bill. Currently 15% but expected to rise to 30%
  • Did you know that Plumieux's wind turbines only serve the interests of private individuals and are of no benefit to the community ?

marie plumieux sm

Plumieux is a commune located in the Côtes-d'Armor department of the Brittany region of France. The commune is located in the south of the department bordering Morbihan.

The name of the commune comes from the Breton word plou meaning "parish" and from Saint Miog, also known as Saint Mieux, Saint Mayeux, Saint Maeoc, Saint Maec, Saint Nic ...

The evolution of the inhabitants is known through the population censuses carried out in the commune since 1793.


En 2014, the commune had 1 039 habitants, down -3,8% from 2009

plumieux bourg sm

Eoliennes PLumieux


Parc éolien de La Lande (Plumieux)

Mise en service : 2010/12

8 turbines : Enercon E82/2000 (puissance de 2 000 kW, diamètre de 82 m)

Hauteur nacelle : 98 m

Développeur : Eole Generation

Opérateurs : FEIH/Predica

Propriétaires : FEIH/Predica

Parcs Éoliens de Ker-Anna / Saint Leau  (Les Landiers)

Enquête publique: 2017

10 turbines

Société mère : Quénéa Energie Renouvelable

Séciété locale: Les Landiers Énergie SAS

Parc éolien de Quillien

Enquête publique: 2017

4-6 turbines

Société : ENGIE Green (Maïa Éolis)

Parc éolien de Péhart

Enquête publique: 2017

5-7 turbines

Société : Valorem


Parc Eolien Le Minerai (La Ferriere)

Mise en service : 2015

8 turbines : Nordex N100/2500 (puissance de 2 500 kW, diamètre de 100 m)

Hauteur nacelle : 100 m

Développeur : P&T Technologie

Opérateurs : P&T Technologie/Energiequelle

Propriétaire : Re-Cap